Definitions and treatment explanations for medical and mental health conditions.
Written by Joel Engardio for Doctor On Demand app


When you sneeze and itch from an allergy, it’s because your immune system is reacting to allergens such as foods, dust mites and animal dander. We can help.

Sports Injuries
If you ever throw your shoulder out of whack or have knee problems while running, we can help. Use us for triage after your fall from sporting glory.

Urinary Tract Infections
If you are experiencing painful urination or bladder pain, we can help determine whether you are suffering from a UTI or a more complicated condition.

Skin Issues and Rashes
Color, shape and feel say a lot about your rash. Is it poison ivy, a bug bite, an allergy or a sexually transmitted infection? We can tell.

Cold & Flu
At first, the cold and flu can feel the same: runny nose and sore throat. But the flu usually hits suddenly while a cold happens more gradually. We can help with both.

Sore Throat
Viral infections, such as cold and flu, are the most common causes of a sore throat. But a sore throat caused by bacteria requires antibiotics. Check with us to determine what you have.

Eye Conditions
Pink eye is very contagious, so early diagnosis and treatment is important to stop it from spreading. We can help with that and many other eye conditions.

Travel Illness
Before travel, check with us learn what vaccinations you need and get tips on how to stay healthy. If you get sick on the road, we can help from anywhere.

Prescription Refills
We can instantly send prescriptions to your nearest pharmacy or the pharmacy you have pre-selected.

Diarrhea & Vomiting
Leftover guacamole might not be the only culprit for diarrhea or an upset stomach. It could be from an allergy, germs from recent travel or a more serious condition. We can figure it out.


Psychology & Psychiatry

A healthy body includes your mind. That’s why we offer mental health treatment. Psychologists use therapy to help you talk through your problems. Psychiatrists, who are physicians, use medication to treat your symptoms. We offer both.

Mental Health
Our providers see your face, sense your emotions and hear your voice. Studies show that patients who use video have equal results as in-person treatment.

Mental Health
About half of all Americans will have a mental health disorder in their lifetime. We offer accessible and effective treatment.

“Feeling down” is normal on bad days. But clinical depression is when you have a depressed mood most of the day for an extended period. We can help.

Anxiety & Stress
While anxiety is a normal reaction to stressful life events, people with anxiety disorders will have intense feelings of worry and panic that interfere with daily activities. We can help.

Grief and Loss
Grief is a normal reaction to the loss of people and pets we love. There are typically five stages of grief. If you are experiencing grief, we can help you work through the stages.

Relationship Problems
Romantic relationships are complicated and complex, which explains why most songs and poetry are dedicated to matters of the heart. We can help.