ENDORSEMENT: "Engardio is the best choice."

"On both local and citywide issues, Engardio is the best choice."

"Engardio has the intelligence and manner that can introduce change where it fits."

"He’s eager to tame a soaring city budget. Engardio shows the potential to add
seriousness and problem-solving skills to a board that could use more of each."

ENDORSEMENT: "An ideal fit."

"Engardio's sound judgment, commitment to transparency in government
and sense of fairness will serve the city and his district well."

"Engardio would be an independent supervisor and bring more city attention to
issues that matter to District 7, such as crime, affordability, housing and fiscal responsibility."


Supervisor Katy Tang

"Joel has a pragmatic approach to solving issues in San Francisco and isn't afraid to speak his mind regarding what he believes are good, sensible solutions. I love Joel’s energy. He’s committed to the westside community. He’s always out there, talking to people and listening to concerns. Then he asks, ‘How can we change things if they’re not working?’ Joel is interested in figuring things out, which is why I want to partner with Joel on the Board of Supervisors.”

Joel Engardio and Supervisor Katy Tang

Joel Engardio and Supervisor Katy Tang


Supervisor Scott Wiener

"Joel has a forward-looking, common-sense approach to government. His tough policy questions and fiscal discipline will ensure we only pay for what works. Joel also understands that we must embrace what's best about our city while moving toward a bright future. Joel has my full support."

Supervisor Scott Wiener and Joel Engardio

Supervisor Scott Wiener and Joel Engardio


BART Director Nick Josefowitz

"Joel works to preserve the Westside while offering new ideas to ensure our kids and grandkids have a future in San Francisco. Joel is a policy wonk who understands how things work and an award-winning journalist who knows how to hold government accountable. Joel is a common sense Democrat and his solutions-based approach is exactly what our city needs."

City College Trustee Alex Randolph

"Joel is a product of public schools and community college, so he knows first-hand how access to education creates opportunity. Joel also uses his life experience fighting for LGBT equality to empathize with underdogs everywhere. It is an honor to serve with Joel on the board of the Alice B. Toklas LGBT Democratic Club."

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