The Dom-i-city Effect

Can a Paris streetscape inspire us to create 10,000 new homes for middle-income families? Dom-i-city is a bold idea that solves land creation, financing, affordability and neighborhood quality of life in ways never considered in San Francisco.

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Housing, InnovationJoel Engardio
Who's Watching the Judges?

Smashed glass on curbs and sidewalks is the new normal in San Francisco with tens of thousands of car break-ins reported annually. Our criminal justice system needs the right incentives for offenders to change their behavior. Lawbreakers need to know they will be held accountable if they violate the terms of probation. And judges need to know citizens are watching. Read the full OpEd published in the San Francisco Chronicle.

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From Iran, With Persistence

Two generations of Iranian-Americans never gave up on the American dream even when they weren’t always welcome. Nima’s parents accepted discrimination as a cost for being here. But in the age of Trump, Nima isn’t buying it. How the young lawyer keeps fighting despite defeat.

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