Joel Engardio Investigates

In my work as a journalist, I asked tough questions and held government accountable. As a supervisor, I’ll do that from inside City Hall.

I’m running a forward-looking campaign to ensure our kids and grandkids can have a future in a changing San Francisco. But we should always celebrate and keep the best parts of our past. A rich history of people, ideas and styles is what makes our neighborhoods so unique.

In that spirit, my new campaign video — “Investigate” — pays homage to San Francisco in the film noir era when the reporter or private eye took on a big issue to advocate for the little guy.

I will be a supervisor who advocates for our neighborhoods and gives District 7 residents a voice at City Hall. I’m endorsed by the San Francisco Chronicle. Here’s what the Chronicle said about me:

  • “Engardio has the intelligence and manner that can introduce change where it fits.”
  • "He’s eager to tame a soaring city budget."
  • "He shows the potential to add seriousness and problem-solving skills to a board that could use more of each."
  • "On both local and citywide issues, Engardio is the best choice."

Where incumbent Supervisor Norman Yee has been complacent and invisible, I’ll be responsive and engaged with the following goals:

  • Investigate how City Hall spends our money. Our budget has soared to $9.6 billion. We must look at every program, measure for results and only pay for what works.
  • Ensure our police department has the resources it needs, while encouraging all branches of law enforcement to work together on prosecuting crimes.
  • Address homelessness by focusing on mental illness and only support programs that are coordinated and accountable.
  • Advocate for the neighborhood schools, recreation-first parks, transportation improvements and middle-income housing that will keep families in San Francisco.

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Let's give District 7 neighborhoods a voice at City Hall.